Into the light

“What the mind knows, the eye will see.” This aphorism is attributed to many, so Anonymous seems fairest. No matter the source, it packs quite a punch. It’s a simple, universal truth- the eye will not see what the minds does not comprehend.

“Out of mind, out of sight”- a malapropism that works.

When you open your mind to the Rules, you’ll see them everywhere. They’re hard to miss. The funny pages might seem an unlikely place to run into the Rules, but the comics are replete with lighthearted takes. Witty or corny. Pointed or subtle. Eliciting a relieved, “Glad that’s not me.” or an honest, “I wish it were otherwise, but that’s so me.” No matter their style, the comics illuminate the principles and practices that guide me. Humor enlivens that which might otherwise feel heavy.

A companion to Robins’s Rules of Order and Writings on the Rules, is under construction. Leavening the Rules- A Lighthearted Look at Order will be ready for consumption around Thanksgiving- maybe not the most auspicious time with consumption already being in high gear. So consider the new book to be an antidote for seasonal, “too much.”

Boundless thanks to all the purveyors of laughter whose work transforms my Rules for the better. Leavening with laughter is no laughing matter! This Pearls Before Swine was in today’s paper. Perfect timing! My essay, previously published on June 26, 2018 follows. I’m one with Stephan Pastis, who’s both comic creator and in this strip, comic character. Those dual roles are mine in all editions of Rules. Creator and character- sometimes comic and sometime tragic. Always honest.

FOMO Comic.jpg


June 26, 2018

In the Dark Picture for Blog.jpg

Today is National Sunglasses Day.  It squeezed in around National Doughnut Day, National Iced Tea Day, and National Biscuit Day. The list goes on and on…

So called ‘Hallmark Holidays’ (Grandparent’s Day, Boss’s Day and Secretary’s Day) set the stage for the ‘Social Media Holidays’. Apparently people are so eager to post something on Instagram, Facebook et al, that they jump at the chance, using the fete de jour as their excuse.

I am hopelessly behind on all of this.  Really, it’s blissfully behind.  I only recently learned the social media acronym, FOMO-fear of missing out- gluing yourself to your device to avoid the anxiety that missing a current social event might provoke. 

As not to be a total Luddite, I’ve coined an antonym (or antidote) to FOMO.  POMO- pleasure of missing out. Relieved that you aren’t in everyone else’s business.  Honestly, doesn’t your own business keep you busy enough to not fret over others’? 

So today, I’m celebrating National Sunglasses Day by staying in the dark.  Join me for some POMO.  Now that’s something to celebrate!